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PranaDanda Yoga Sadhana with Demetri & Shiva

PranaDandaYoga is a skillful and powerful style of yoga that involves interweaving five~foot flexible staff around the body merging with powerful spiral movements and a Vira Prana Flow® vinyasa sequence. As a guide and partner for Prana Flow Energetic Vinyasa the danda precisely aligns the body, refines coordination and facilitates an energetic flow state.


As an object of meditation, the danda unifies mind-energy into the central channel of the energy body (Inner Danda/Bliss Body) thereby harnessing creative potency and penetrating through distraction and dualistic thinking.


While PranaDanda is its own unique system of embodied artistry and moving meditation it draws inspiration from yoga, boxing, martial arts, spinning (the flow arts) and swordsmanship. Its main influence and sister practice is Prana Flow Energetic Vinyasa system of yoga developed by Shiva Rea


Open to anyone who has participated in PranaDandaYoga Teacher Training or who is interested in upcoming Teacher Training and PDY workshops. Please order a PranaDanda for practice or you can work with the "inner danda" with the arm movements without a danda




Five Weeks of First Level Practice includes:



* 2 Core Prana Danda Meditations:
"Nine-round Nadi Shodana" and Danda Mudra Vinyasa


* 5 Sequences

Staking the Ground, Scanning the Horizon, Churning Warrior, Entering the Gate,
  Heaven & Earth


* 5 Kriyas of PDY

One - Five-Beat Flow, Metronome, Turning the Wheel, Rocking the World and
On Guard




Certification in PDYoga Requirements:


* Practice two PDY online practice sessions

* Attend one PDY Teacher Training Retreat

* Submit one video of practice

* 200 hr TT





* You can buy a danda here:  www.pranaflowyoga.com

* If you don't have or cannot get a danda, use your inner danda and your arms.

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Practitioners $108.00 USD

PDY Samudra Teacher Trainees $75.00 USD



* Unlimited access to course is available to members of Samudra Online School of Yoga.  If you wish to access this course beyond the duration of the course, consider enrolling for one month, 4 months or one year.









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